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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shruthi Hassan's new film -gorgeous beauty and an allrounder in indian movie industry

Hero Siddharth and Shruthi Haasan’s new film has been launched under A Bellyfull Of Dream Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. This film is being directed by Raghavendra Rao’s son Prakash. Music director for the movie is Mickey Meyer. Speaking to media Siddharth hoped that the movie would be a hit and rain money for the movie makers.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Shruthi haasan in love? I can say outrightly its big NO

Shruthi haasan is friendly and humanitarian with everyone , it doesnt mean that she is in love with her band member , she is honest and loyal too....she just doesnt want to desert there band members and go for acting , she wanted even there band members to get good accolades from the public as she is enjoying now thats it !!!she is unpredictable !!! But in this new gen age its not possible to stick to the friendly and humanitarian values all the times , so she has to be on her own now even though they are close pals, she was taking them along with her to complete her music album !!!Hope the music album rocks all the way and get good accolades to her band members!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fashion sense of shruthi haasan

Is it possible to get the see-thru white sari look right? Yes, if you take a look at Shruthi Hassan. The white sari is sheer but has embroidery to tone down the bareness. The bikini blouse is perfect. It has enough embroidery to not look like a bra, but not too much where everybody would be peering at it. By the way, is that just a strategically placed grey pearl on the sari, or does Shurthi have a pierced belly button?!

Shruthi Hassan in a white transparent sari with bikini blouse

Everybody can make a fashion faux pas — except Aishwarya rai— or so we thought, until we saw her in this transparent white sari with an unflattering bikini blouse underneath. There is only one way to put it — Aishwarya looks like she’s wearing a white bra under her sari!

One thing about transparent saris, especially white ones - you have to be extraordinarily careful about the kind of blouse that you wear. Too much adornment and it looks like a peep show. Too little, and the blouse begins to look like an under garment. To achieve a sexy, see-through look, the blouse has to be just right!

Aishwarya’s blouse is much too plain to wear under a highly see through sari.

aishwarya rai in transparent sari and white bra

This is a super transparent sari (below) with an over adorned blouse. It is ok to wear see-through, but not this much. There is a fine line between sexy peek-a-boo and just plain naked - and this sari - well, is just going - what line?transparent sari with bra blouse

This picture of Kareen Kapoor shows that it is very hard to get the look right when wearing a super transparent white sari. In this case, the blouse looks more like an exercise bra.

kareena kapoor in transparent white sari and bra top

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shruti Haasan - Quote- Bold and sexy

Shruti haasan quote: "Having acting greats like Kamal Haasan and Sarika as parents has in a sense opened doors. I am proud of my lineage but it’s not something I rely on,”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shruthi haasan

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover". But the rebels in us did just that. And guess what; by merely judging the book by its cover, we discovered a raw, rebelliously BLOOMING FLOWER
The moment we got a copy of the latest edition of the fashion magazine Verve, our hands just couldn't stop thanking the Almighty for the fortune lines on our palms. The reason is that we believe that it's only because of these fortune lines, did we become fortunate to be one of the early birds to see Shruti Hassan, Tomorrows' Superstar, today! Are we shocked? Man! We are not just shaken but also stirred!

The latest edition of Verve has got the 'Shocker Of Them All', Shruti Hassan. If the first name doesn't ring a bell, her surname surely will. She is indeed the darling daughterof the Southern Enigmatic superstars Kamal Hassan and Sarika.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shruthi Haasan - One and only multitalented actress in indian cinema

Thanks to all those who visited my blog from 35 different countries in just 2 days of its creation!! I happened to hear shruthi haasan songs 4 days back and became a big fan to her and decided to create this blog on her !! I request to post ur valuable comments in comments section !!! I am right now busy and will return after some days !!!

cheers catch up with all of you soon !!! Have a great day !!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

shruthi hassan passion

Legendary actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruthi Haasan seems to have a passion similar to her father in terms of her attempts related to music.

Legendary actor Kamal Hassan has been constructing a hi-tech recording studio for his elder daughter Sruthi Hassan in Chennai. Trained in Carnatic as well as western music, Shruthi has stepped into making albums. She will kick start her musical career with the release of her first musical album. She has also made a singing debut in her father’s movie Dashaavtaram. She intends to use her knowledge of Carnatic and western music to become a composer.

Shruthi Haasan has got a lot offers to act and right now she is acting opposite imran khan in movie called "luck" and the film is in making . As a matter of fact, she has already come up with tunes for 10 songs that will be featured on her first Tamil album.

For those who can read tamil she need not turn around to reveal her identity! the tatto says it all. Yes! You guessed it right! Shruthi Haasan! At the moment, for the whole of Tamil Nadu and even Bollywood , Shruthi only means Shruthi Haasan, such is her charisma!

She has got charming face like his mother sarika and loads of talent like his dad kamal haasan!!

Her songs 1.tamil 2.again 3. covers and 4. bury me are hilarious and brilliant to the core !!!